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We have created some free to use web apps that we hope will be of interest to the ground engineering community, especially those that work with AGS data.

These apps are provided primarily as a demonstration of our capabilities. Whilst we do not expressly forbid commercial use of these web apps, please be aware that we provide no warranty with respect to their use and will not accept any liability for problems that may arise. Click here for more information on conditions and limitations, including background and technical details.

Having said that, if you like what you see and you are interested in commercial versions of these apps, then please get in touch. The way they have been put together means that there are several options that we could explore with you, including possibly integrating our scripts into your systems.

If you are concerned about security of your data (you should be) and/or want to know more about the technical background, then please read this.

Comments, feedback, queries...

Found a bug or some other problem?

Got some general feedback,  suggestions etc.

Interested in full commercial versions of these apps?

Then please do not hesitate to get in touch…

For more background information, including details of the AGS validator open source project and some thoughts on future plans, check out our introductory blog here

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AGS4 validation tool (beta)

Check whether an AGS file conforms with the AGS format rules and data dictionary.  This is a front end to the ‘official’ AGS validation tool created and maintained by the AGS validator open source project.


AGS4 reducer tool

Reduce an AGS file in size by deleting selected groups and/or selected holes (LOCA).


AGS4 summary tool

Quick summary of the contents of an AGS file. Includes a list of all groups with a count of the records in each, a summary of exploratory holes (LOCA) by type and a list of all holes (LOCA).


AGS4 record count by LOCA tool

Summary of the contents of an AGS file presented as count of records in each Group for each LOCA_ID (exploratory hole). Useful for checking whether the file content is broadly as expected.

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